Best New Businesses to Start Up in 2012


2012 is a great time to consider starting a new business. We wanted to showcase some of the best new businesses to start this year. Each of these small businesses are very easy to start and need very little training or education and the start up is minimal. 
1. Cleaning Foreclosures and Cleaning Bank Owned Homes

12Best Small Businesses to Start in 2012Best Small Businesses to Start in 2012

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With the current economy and real estate market in the gutter, foreclosure homes “bank foreclosed homes” are literally everywhere and in every real estate market across the nation. All of these bank foreclosed homes need to be cleaned out and prepared to be re-listed and be put up for sale. The banks need these properties cleaned out quickly and pay top dollar for these services. The average foreclosure cleaning company earns on average from $500 to $3500 per property, and many of these properties with large jobs can add up to $9500. There is plenty of this work available too, many foreclosure cleaning companies are working 7 days a week and handle cleaning out 10 to 30 bank foreclosed homes per week! This good business opportunity has even been showcased on Oprah, 20/20, and many news stations across the US. The business start up is very minimal and you will mostly need just basic cleaning supplies to get started. To find out more about foreclosure cleaning business’ opportunity, here is a website that we found helpful:

2. REO Listing Agent

Most people say “What is an REO Listing Agent?” An Reo Listing Agent is a licensed real estate agent that lists bank foreclosed homes or better known as an “REO Agent”. The Reo Agents are making hundreds of thousands of dollars right now listing all the bank foreclosed homes and with the current flood of foreclosures, this remains one of the top new businesses to start. REO stands for Real Estate Owned, this is what the banks called their foreclosure homes. This is a booming industry and the demand is great. You do need a current real estate license, but in most states this is very easy to get and one very hot niche business to get into. Here is one helpful link that provides more information about How to Become an Reo Listing Agent:

3. Selling Ebooks Online

The selling EBOOKS on the internet is a 20 billion dollar industry and also one of the best new home based businesses to start. Many people own iphones, ipads, tablets or other mobile devices and the demand is massive to sell ebooks online as we are now becoming so portable and on the go. It is such a large industry that all the major book retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and even Google has gotten into the market of selling ebooks online. The best part of selling ebooks on the internet, is you can literally do this from the comfort of your own home and very little start up funds are needed or experience. There are two ways to sell ebooks online, one you can write you own ebook to sell, or you can resell other peoples ebooks. Here is a great book on amazon that we found very informative and provides over 250 places you can sell your ebooks online and make money:

When deciding what new business to start is best for you: research the business, educate yourself, and go for it! These are all good new businesses to start and the earnings are unlimited. Much success to you all and make 2012 a prosperous one!

We wish you much success! 

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