Bidding Estimating Property Preservation Services and Contracts

Learn How to Price all your Property Preservation Bids using the HUD Guidelines

Setting the price for all your Property Preservation Services is crucial to the success of your  Property Preservation Business.  Learn what the average cost of Property Preservation Services is and how to competitively bid and beat out your competition to earn you more Property Preservation jobs.




When a home forecloses on, banks assign the job either directly to a Property Preservation vendor on their vendors list or they assign the task to the REO Agent handling the Reo Property.  Either way, the BEST way to get your Property Preservation bids accepted is to submit as many pictures as needed to show the asset manager or REO Agent what the actual condition of the property is and how much work is entailed for that foreclosure Property Preservation job. 

Next, one of the most asked questions in the Property Preservation Industry is “How Much Do I Charge for my Property Preservation Services?”  It is not rocket science learning how much to charge for your foreclosure Property Preservation bids.  The HUD Guidelines are the key to your success.  You can get them here, they are very detailed and offer a complete price structure for every different type of service you intend to offer. Click Here to Get the HUD Guidelines

Here is an Actual Bid for a Recent Foreclosure Property Preservation Job with all the different services lists for a 4 Bedroom House that was in need of a Trash Out and Multiple other services:

Trash Out  $3685

Re-Key  $125

Board up 2 Windows  $365

Initial Lawn Maintenance  $585

Deep Interior Clean  $150

Total Services   $4910

As you can see, one property can bring in quite a bit and when you do a good job, REO Asset Managers and REO Agents will use you over and over again!!  Many jobs are MUCH, MUCH higher than this and top $10,000 for just one home or property.

Imagine if just one Asset Manager or REO Agent gave you 10 foreclosure home cleaning jobs per month how quickly your earnings grow and if you market your foreclosure cleaning services-ideally many will be sending your company this foreclosure cleaning work and jobs. If you market your Foreclosure Cleaning Company, you could easily do 10-20 Foreclosure Cleaning Jobs per week. We do highly recommend all foreclosure cleaning companies to make sure you are listed in , if your company is not listed there-you are missing out on a significant amount of foreclosure property preservation jobs available to you as this is the #1 place Reo Asset Managers go to find their foreclosure cleaning vendors. 

If you are a new Property Preservation business or looking to start your own foreclosure Property Preservation business, here is a great website link to help you, it also comes with all the Property Preservation training you will need to get your new foreclosure home cleaning business up and running, all the bank contacts you will need to get placed on the banks vendor’s list, how to market your new Property Preservation company to Realtors, How to Price your Property Preservation Jobs, and a Lifetime Membership into the Property Preservation Directory, CLICK HERE