Cleaning Foreclosures Business #1 Home Based Business to Start in 2011

Have you been thinking of starting a new business in 2011 and unsure which ones are good to start? One of the TOP new home based businesses to start in 2011 is the business of cleaning foreclosures!  With the massive foreclosures nationwide, the cleaning foreclosures business tops the charts with hot businesses to start this year!  Another great aspect of starting a business cleaning foreclosures is it is really easy to set up and very cheap to start.  You can literally start your cleaning foreclosures business for under $500.  With over 4 MILLION homes expected to foreclose on nationwide, there is truly no shortage of work cleaning foreclosures.   


Top Reasons to Start a Home Based Business Cleaning Foreclosures: 
1.  WORK- Their is an abundance of foreclosure cleaning work available! 
2.  You can work part-time or full-time 
3.  You can set your own hours 
4.  You can work as often or as little as you want-this works good for those of you that have a regular job & just want to make extra money or if you are looking to only work part-time 
5.  You can work  locally-choose how far you accept work cleaning foreclosures 
6.  It is very cheap to start up a business cleaning foreclosures 
7.  Many successful Businesses Cleaning Foreclosures are Earning well over $100,000+ each and every year 
8.  Foreclosures are going to be around for quite sometime 
9.  Truly a Recession-Proof Business 
10. Very little equipment and investment needed to start a business cleaning foreclosures 

How do you start a successful business cleaning foreclosures? 
We highly recommend getting some training and information on starting your new business enterprise cleaning foreclosures, Here is the website link to the #1  Foreclosure Cleaning Business Start up Training Guide, you can just download it and get your new cleaning foreclosures business up and running immediately:
It even comes with a life-time membership into the only Foreclosure Cleanup Directory of Business owners, this is the one the banks use to find and locate new foreclosure cleaning vendors to assign foreclosure cleaning contracts to. 

Join the Foreclosure Cleanup Network! It is a completely FREE social network dedicated to the foreclosure cleaning industry! You will find foreclosure cleaning companies from across the country on this site and tons of REO agents “real estate agents that list REO foreclosures homes” on this site that you can solicit your cleaning foreclosures business to plus find tons of valuable free information to grow your cleaning foreclosures business. 

What equipment is needed to start a home based business cleaning foreclosures? 
Here are some of the most common equipment needed, you will find you have most of them in your own home right now so investment is very minimal! 
Broom, Dust Pan, Notebook, Cell Phone “Preferably with internet so you can check your email, Cleaning supplies, Lawn Mower, Computer to receive work orders via email. 

How Much Money Can You Make Starting a Cleaning Foreclosures Business? 
Really, the sky’s the limit in the cleaning foreclosures business.  You can work as much or as little as you want.  Many people start their cleaning foreclosures business part time and expand to full-time.   Banks pay an average of $500 to upwards of $10,000 per property to trashout and perform foreclosure cleaning services before they get ready to put it onto the real estate market for resell. Most bank owned foreclosure cleaning companies service 20-300 homes per month. 

How do I find the Bank Contacts to Start Cleaning Foreclosures? Who do I contact to get Foreclosure Cleaning Contracts? 
Here is a Link with a Huge, Comprehensive List of Banks Hiring Foreclosure Cleaning Vendors currently. Get REO Foreclosure Bank Owned Cleaning Assignments, Reo Cleaning Work & Foreclosure Cleaning Jobs and Contracts Fast-To do this you will want to register your new Bank Owned Foreclosure Cleaning Business with as many of Banks, Mortgage Lenders, and Asset Management Companies as possible.  Here is a great website link that comes with over 1200 direct bank reo foreclosure banks and asset management contacts so you can quickly register your Cleaning Foreclosures Business with the Top Banks, Reo Asset Management Companies, Mortgage Lenders, and more…

Starting a business is a great investment in yourself and we wish you much success on starting a successful business cleaning foreclosures!