Find, Receive, & Obtain Clients-Cleaning Contracts of Foreclosure REO Homes

How do I Find, Receive, and Obtain Clients and Cleaning Contracts of Foreclosure Homes?




 Here are the Top 5 Ways to Find, Receive, and Obtain Clients and Cleaning Contracts of Foreclosure Homes:

1.     Register your Foreclosure Cleaning Company with the National Asset Management Companies, Banks, and Reo Asset Management Companies-There are literally hundreds to register your Foreclosure Cleaning Company with to start receiving Foreclosure Cleaning Contracts from

2.     Foreclosure Cleanup Directory-This is the #1 place Banks, Asset Managers, and Foreclosure Asset Management firms go to find and contract with companies that clean foreclosures  You can also solicit the REO Agents on this top foreclosure industry site to get more cleaning contracts for your Foreclosure Cleaning Company

3.     Foreclosure Cleanup Network-A great place to network directly with REO Agents and it’s free! Plus there is a wealth of foreclosure industry information here. You can ask questions and network with other Foreclosure Cleaning Companies.  Also, another great way to get additional cleaning contracts is to sub-contract with other foreclosure cleaning companies which you can find here as well.

4.     Local Real Estate Offices-Stop by all the local real estate offices and drop off flyers advertising your Foreclosure Cleaning Company

5.     Connect with REO Agents on Facebook and Twitter-Social Networking is one of the BEST ways to reach out to local REO Agents “Real Estate Agents that List Foreclosure Bank Owned Homes”


If you are looking to Start a Business Cleaning Foreclosed Homes, here is a great link: