Foreclosure Cleanup Business Equipment List-Equipment Needed to Get Started

Many new Foreclosure Cleanup Business owners are unsure of what equipment they will need to start their foreclosure cleanup business. We have developed a complete list of equipment that you will need to start your own foreclosure cleanup business.  We have also given some recommendations for equipment  we suggest you rent before you purchase when starting your own foreclosure cleanup business.


Here is a list of Must-Have Items and Equipment you will need for Starting a Foreclosure Cleanup Business:
1. Computer or Laptop with Internet Connection-Preferable DSL as you will be receiving most work orders via email
2. Email address-you will need an email address to sign up with all the national asset management companies & banks-try gmail or yahoo as they are free and you can hold a large amount of email messages
3. Cell Phone “you may also want to have internet available so you can check your email while you are out on a job
4. Scanner or Fax Machine-you do not have to have this to start up your foreclosure cleanup business, but eventually you will want to get one-the best ones are multi-machines that copy, scan, fax, and print-it will make your life a lot easier once you get busy
5. Digital Camera-you will be taking lots of pictures of your foreclosure cleanup work, shop around and you can usually get a good deal on a digital camera
6. Clipboard-this makes it easier when you are out on a job to take notes on the property
7. Car or transportation as you will be traveling to the foreclosed homes

Foreclosure Cleanup Business Equipment List:
1. Lawn Mower-if you intend on performing lawn maintenance services
2. Edger-if you intend on performing lawn maintenance services
3. Cleaning Supplies Needed for Cleaning Foreclosures-Bleach, window cleaner, etc.
4. Vacuum
5. Broom and Dust Pan
6. Rags and Paper Towels
7. Trash Bags
8. Measuring Tape-if you are going to board up windows & broken doors-you will need to measure the space
9. Work Gloves-many of these properties are very dirty and may have hazardous materials, have work gloves for all of your workers
10. Trash Can

There are big ticket items that are usually better to rent in the beginning when starting your business cleaning foreclosures unless you already have them. This will allow you to have your business cleaning foreclosures start making money before you have large investments of cash.

Here are a list of items you will need for your Foreclosure Cleanup services that you can Rent or Buy, we always advise to rent them first when starting out in the foreclosure cleanup business if you do not have them already! This will free up more cash flow for your new foreclosure cleanup business.
1. Truck or Trailer “if you have a large foreclosure cleanup job to do, consider getting a truck with a lift gate, it will make your life a lot easier”
2. Pressure Washer
3. Fiberglass Expendable Ladder

If you are looking for more information about Starting a Foreclosure Cleanup Business, visit the website below, they have a multitude of products to help you start, grow, and expand your new foreclosure cleanup business:

Tips for finding work for your foreclosure cleanup business, join the foreclosure cleanup directory and the foreclosure cleanup network. The foreclosure cleanup network is a free social network dedicated the the foreclosure cleanup industry. Here is there website:

The foreclosure cleanup directory is the world’s largest directory of foreclosure cleanup businesses. If your company is not listed in the foreclosure cleanup directory, you will be missing out on the bulk of work available to you as majority of the banks and asset management companies that hire Reo vendors that perform foreclosure cleanup services use the foreclosure cleanup directory. Here is there website: