Foreclosure Cleanup Job Leads Foreclosure Cleaning Contracts


With the tsunami of foreclosures nationwide, many successful entreprenuers are Starting Foreclosure Cleaning Businesses across the country. There is expected to be nearly 3 Million Homes foreclosed on across the country this year alone and many more coming. Foreclosures are still rising significantly and banks desperately are in need of qualified Property Preservation Vendors (this is a term the banks refer to these Foreclosure Cleaning Businesses) to clean, repair, and maintain their surging foreclosure inventory. Banks rely on Foreclosure Cleaning Vendors or better known as Property Preservation vendors to get these homes ready to be put back on the market in hopes of reselling quickly. Many new business owners struggle to get foreclosure cleaning contracts. Getting these foreclosure cleaning contracts is literally very easy. We’ve provided some essential steps needed to take to get these Foreclosure Cleaning Contracts and your business to start making more money for 2011 and beyond!


Things You’ll Need

  • Business License
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Internet Connection
  • Cell Phone
  • Computer