Foreclosure Real Estate Cleaning Business


Foreclosures, Foreclosures, and more Foreclosures!Foreclosures are everywhere from high end neighborhoods to even the lower end neighborhoods, and with nearly 4 million more homes expected to foreclose on this year alone, one of the best new businesses to start is a Foreclosure Real Estate Cleaning Business.  The Foreclosure Real Estate Cleaning Business was recently showcased on Oprah and 20/20, visit the website below to watch the video on Oprah about the booming Foreclosure Real Estate Cleaning Business.

Are you thinking of Starting a Foreclosure Real Estate Cleaning Business but don’t know where to start?

Here are some valuable links to assist you in starting your new foreclosure real estate cleaning business.

1.  Here is a link with a Step by Step Guide to Starting and Expanding a Foreclosure Cleaning Business, there is an Ebook you can download right away so you can get started immediately-it comes with everything from total startup, licensing, getting contracts, how much to charge & pricing your jobs, Hud Guidelines, and much more.  This is a Must-Have!

2.  Learn How to Get Your Foreclosure Real Estate Cleaning Contracts! Every business must have contracts to survive, fortunately the work abounds for Foreclosure Cleaning Businesses, however the more contracts you get the more you will make! Many Foreclosure Cleaning Businesses are earning well over $50,000 each week! You can get foreclosure cleaning contracts for your new Foreclosure Real Estate Cleaning Business from several sources, here is a link to help you start getting your contracts quickly. Learn how to effectively market your Foreclosure Real Estate Cleaning Business to Banks, Reo Asset Management Companies, Real Estate Agents, and more…

3. Sign up your Business with the Top Banks, Mortgage Lenders, and Reo Asset Management Companies right away to start receiving work almost immediately. Here is a link with over 1200 Direct Bank Reo Foreclosure Contacts

4.  Use Social Media and the Internet to Grow and Expand Your Current Foreclosure Real Estate Foreclosure Cleaning Business! 1.6 Billion searches are done in google everyday, Realtors, Reo Asset Managers, Banks, and Mortgage Lenders all search the internet-Make sure your business is being found, also learn how to receive work directly from real estate agents using social media. One of the Best Social Media sites for the Foreclosure Cleaning Business is the Foreclosure Cleanup Network, it’s free to join and both Foreclosure Real Estate Cleaning Businesses and Real Estate Agents are on this site. Here is the link:

5.  Make sure the Banks, Mortgage Lenders, and Reo Asset Managers Can Find You! Get Listed in the Property Preservation Directory, this is a Huge list of Foreclosure Cleaning Businesses (Property Preservation Vendors)-A lot of Reo Asset Managers search this site to find and locate Foreclosure Real Estate Cleaning Business vendors. You can also find Reo Agents on this site and advertise your services to them-They have an Reo Agent Directory also. Here is the link: