How Do I Bid To Clean Foreclosed Homes?

Learning the Ins and Outs of Preparing your Bids to Clean Foreclosed Homes is one MUST have item to learn. It will mean the difference of you winning the bid or losing it to your competitors. The Banks and Asset Management Companies look for a few things when selecting a bid or foreclosure cleaning company to work with.  


1.  Does the Bid your are submitting for the Foreclosed Home seem to fall in the HUD Guidelines Price Chart-If you do not have the HUD Guidelines Price Charts, you will definitely want to get them as all of your competition has them, you can get them here: Click Here

2.  Do the pictures you submitted with your bid show an accurate idea of the work anticipated

3.  How Long will it take to complete the bid and all foreclosure cleaning work

4.  Have you done work for any other Banks or Asset Management Companies-The Bank managers have the ability to see internally other work and jobs you have completed in certain websites

5.  Is your company scored good for service and ability to get the job done-Many Newer Foreclosure Cleaning Companies do not realize that the Banks and Asset Managers score you on all the tasks and foreclosure cleaning jobs they assign you.  If you do a good job and complete your work quickly and before the deadlines, you will be scored well. The Bank Asset Managers always look at this.

6. Do the Property Have more than $500 worth of work that needs to be done-If so-The Bank Asset Manager will usually require 3 minimum bids for the job, and you will want to prepare your foreclosure cleaning bid to be competitive.

For Help Learning how to bid to clean foreclosed homes, there is a guide you can download that breaks down indepth the pricing structure the banks follow and it includes the HUD Guidelines Pricing Charts, this helps all foreclosure cleaning business’ because it literally lists all the different services that you can perform and what is allowable.  These are a excellent guideline for bid rates on foreclosure homes, get them here.