How Do I Start My Own Foreclosure Cleanup Business?

Start Your Own Foreclosure Cleanup Business Now! Get Step by Step Instructions to Get your Foreclosure Cleanup Business up and running fast!
foreclosure cleanup,foreclosure cleanup business,foreclosure clean up,foreclosures,cleaning,clean out,trash out,reo,bank owned,foreclosed,cleanoutWith the current tsunami of foreclosures, the Foreclosure Cleanup Business is one business that is booming in the downturn in the economy! Whether you are looking for a Full-time business to start or just looking to make additional money-the Foreclosure Cleanup Business is one of the cheapest and fastest businesses to get into.

How do I Start my own Foreclosure Cleanup Business?
To Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business and Get Paid to Cleanup Foreclosure Bank Owned Homes you will need to get a business license and general liability insurance. (A business license is usually around $100 or less and can be obtained from your local city or county departments). For general liability insurance, you should get at least 3 quotes to make sure you are getting the best deal for your insurance. We do recommend getting training for your new Foreclosure Cleanup Business, there is an excellent Foreclosure Cleanup Business Startup Training Guide & Marketing Guide that is very good, here is the website:

This Foreclosure Cleanup Business Start up training guide will help you learn how to start up your own Foreclosure Cleanup Business quickly and cheaply.  Also it teaches: how to price your foreclosure cleanup jobs and bids for the banks, plus comes with all the bank contacts you will need to start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business contracting for the banks and mortgage lenders. It will also teach you how to get the foreclosure cleanup contracts. They come with over 40 Foreclosure Reo Bank Contacts so you can register your Foreclosure Cleanup Business directly with the banks to start getting work right away! You have to register with the banks to get this Foreclosure Cleanup work, however once you are registered with the banks and asset management companies-you will start receiving Foreclosure Cleanup work orders  very quickly. The banks need Foreclosure Cleanup vendors (Banks refer to these vendors as Foreclosure Cleanup Business Vendors) to go out and Clean up their Bank Foreclosed Homes, you will then create an invoice and submit it to the bank. And before you know if, the checks will start pouring in!

How Much Money Can You Make in the Foreclosure Cleanup Business? foreclosure cleanup business,foreclosure cleanup company,how much,starting foreclosure business
The average Foreclosure Cleanup Business that Cleans Foreclosed homes cleans 8-35 homes per week. The average pay for each property cleaned is anywhere from $500 to upwards of $2500, there are even some large jobs that top $10,000! Many Foreclosure Cleanup Businesses that Clean Foreclosed Homes are earning well in excess of $50,000 each and every month.

Here are Some Other Services You Can Do with Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business:
1. Foreclosure Cleanups (Trashouts & Foreclosure Property Cleanup)
2. Rekeys (Change all exterior door locks & secure the property)
3. Board-ups (Board-up any Broken Windows or Doors)
4. Lawn Maintenance (Mow and Trim Lawn and Manicure Front Yard)
5. Winterizations (In colder climates, the banks require that winterization is done to prevent water pipes from breaking)
6. Deep Cleaning (Some properties need Deep Clean Services & you can charge extra for these services
7. Pool Maintenance or Repair
8. Automobile Removal (Remove any automobiles from the Foreclosed Homes)

The average fee most Foreclosure Cleanup vendors that Cleans up Foreclosures offering multiple services to the banks is $2500 and up per foreclosed property. If you service 30 properties per week, you can easily earn up to $75,000 each week!!!! Banks pay very well for these services and are flooded with work! Start Your Own Foreclosure Cleanup Business Now!

Get Bank Contacts for your Foreclosure Cleanup Business, here is a website link to over 1200 Direct Bank Foreclosure Contacts, Start getting work directory from the banks, mortgage lenders, and asset management companies quickly:

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