How to Start Cleaning Foreclosed Houses for Banks & Mortgage Companies “Lenders”

Foreclosures are everywhere and in literally every neighborhood from Coast to Coast! With the huge influx and tsunami of foreclosures mounting, many smart entrepreneurs are cashing in on the amazing business opportunity of cleaning foreclosed houses for the banks, mortgage lenders & foreclosure asset management companies. Getting into cleaning foreclosed houses is also relatively easy, you really do not need any previous experience to do this sort of work. And many of the items you already have in your home will work when starting out cleaning foreclosed houses and cleaning bank owned homes, such as your broom, dust pan, cleaners, trash bags, lawn mower, edger, etc. Many brand new Foreclosed House Cleaning Businesses have started their foreclosure cleaning enterprise for under $500! 


Would you like to get paid to start cleaning foreclosed houses for the banks, mortgage lenders, and foreclosure asset management companies but do not know where to start? We have provided the most comprehensive list of contacts you will need when starting to clean bank foreclosed homes and bank owned houses below for you.

1. Training & Education is Key-There is not a lot to learn in the field of cleaning foreclosed houses, except the banks, mortgage companies, mortgage lenders, and asset management companies have specific rules on how to handle the procedures of cleaning their bank foreclosed houses and homes. Here is the #1 Guide to House Cleaning Foreclosed Houses & Cleaning Bank Owned Homes on the Market-They are a leader in the Cleaning Foreclosed Home Business:

This is the best foreclosure cleaning course on the market as it comes with literally everything you need to get your new foreclosed house cleaning business up and running immediately, including a lifetime membership into the Foreclosure Cleanup Directory. The Foreclosure Cleanup Directory is a must-have place to make sure your new foreclosed house cleaning service is located as they market your foreclosure cleaning services to the banks, mortgage companies, asset managers, and mortgage lenders every month, plus bank foreclosure asset managers frequently search this directory of Foreclosure Cleanup vendors to find and locate their next foreclosure cleaning company.

2. Sign up to be a member on the Foreclosure Cleanup Network, this is completely free and most Foreclosed House Cleaning Companies are on this social network, as well as real estate agents that list bank foreclosures, you can solicit your services to the local realtors in your area and request foreclosed house cleaning work! Here is the link:

3. Market and advertise your Cleaning Foreclosed Houses and Bank Owned Cleaning Services Everywhere! A couple of quick tips on marketing and advertising your foreclosed house cleaning service to get you more work:
a. Set up a Business Plan for your Foreclosed House Cleaning Company to help you lay out a defined strategic plan of how you will grow your new Foreclosed House Cleaning Company
b. Design professional looking business cards
c. Set up a Website advertising your Foreclosed House Cleaning Business
d. Drop off flyers advertising your foreclosed house cleaning services to the local real estate offices
e. Find REO Agents on Instant Home Link to market and advertise your foreclosure house cleaning services to

This year there is expected to be over 4 MILLION homes foreclosed on nationwide. Get started cleaning foreclosed houses and cleaning bank owned homes now, we wish you much success in starting your own business cleaning foreclosed houses and homes for the banks, mortgage companies, and lenders!