What is the Process for Cleaning Foreclosures?

Are you looking to profit from the current Foreclosure Epedemic? There is plenty of  information online on what is the process for Cleaning Foreclosures? We wanted to share some of the BEST resources for the Foreclosure Cleaning Industry that are available.

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One of the Top places to Learn the Process of Cleaning Foreclosures is the Foreclosure Cleanup Network, it’s a complete social networking website designed to the Foreclosure Cleaning Industry, you can find a wealth of free information about the process of Cleaning Foreclosures, best places to find Insurance for your Foreclosure Cleaning Business, Cleaning Contracts and Connect with REO Agent “Real Estate Agents this List Foreclosed Homes” on this site.


The 2nd Good Source is a Company called Dream Street Investments, they provide tons of Foreclosure Cleanng training manuels and home study courses to learn the complete process of cleaning foreclosures, plus they also have some great bank foreclosure contact lists that you can use to help you recieve more work cleaning foreclosures.