What is the Process for Cleaning Foreclosures?

Are you looking to profit from the current Foreclosure Epedemic? There is plenty of  information online on what is the process for Cleaning Foreclosures? We wanted to share some of the BEST resources for the Foreclosure Cleaning Industry that are available.

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One of the Top places to Learn the Process of Cleaning Foreclosures is the Foreclosure Cleanup Network, it’s a complete social networking website designed to the Foreclosure Cleaning Industry, you can find a wealth of free information about the process of Cleaning Foreclosures, best places to find Insurance for your Foreclosure Cleaning Business, Cleaning Contracts and Connect with REO Agent “Real Estate Agents this List Foreclosed Homes” on this site.


The 2nd Good Source is a Company called Dream Street Investments, they provide tons of Foreclosure Cleanng training manuels and home study courses to learn the complete process of cleaning foreclosures, plus they also have some great bank foreclosure contact lists that you can use to help you recieve more work cleaning foreclosures.




Distressed Asset Management Companies Directory of Foreclosed Homes Managers

Distressed Asset Management Companies Directory of Foreclosed Homes Managers
(Over 1200 Reo Foreclosure Distressed Asset Companies & Asset Managers W/ Websites, Direct Phone Numbers, & More)






This is a MUST-HAVE List of Over 1,200 Distressed Asset Management Companies, REO Companies/ Bpo Companies/ Loss Mitigation Bank Departments and BPO vendors. 

  Most comparable lists have only 100 – 200 contacts. 

Get ahead of the competition with over 1,200 REO BANK Contacts! Included on the list are all the phone numbers and websites-Instant Download Now!

This List is PERFECT for anyone in the Foreclosure Business including: 

–  Real Estate Investors – Looking for a GREAT discount on an investment?

 Buy direct from the banks to SAVE money!

– Realtors – Get more REO listings! 

– Appraisers – Expand your network and build more DIRECT contacts with banks.

– Brokers!

-Foreclosure Cleaning Companies!

– Handymen!

-Bpo Agents!

and everyone else in the industry!

#1 Distressed Asset Management Directory Available-Download this Top 2011 Foreclosure Reo Bank Contact List Now & Receive Over 1200 Bank Contacts by Instant Download so you can Get started Right Away!


Real Estate Asset Management Directory List-Website Links, Phone Numbers, & Contact Information

Real Estate Asset Management Companies Directory


Contact Real Estate Reo Asset Managers, Real Estate Asset Management Companies, Reo Companies, Bpo Companies, Bank Reo Foreclosure Real Estate Departments, and Loss Mitigation Departments now to offer your real estate foreclosure services.  Getting in touch with the appropriate people in the Real Estate Asset Management Companies has always been relatively difficult until now.

Here is a complete updated list of Real Estate Asset Management Companies and their Bank Reo Foreclosure Real Estate Contacts so you can start getting Reo Listings, Bpo orders, and Real Estate Foreclosure Cleaning Contracts and Real Estate Foreclosure Cleanup Jobs quickly.

Here it is! Over 1200 Reo Foreclosure Bank Real Estate Contacts W/ Websites, Direct Real Estate Asset Management Phone Numbers, & More… Receive via Instant Download Now!
http://www.dreamstreetinvestments.com/real-estate-asset- …

This is MUST-HAVE Real Estate Asset Management Contact List of Over 1,200 Real Estate Reo Asset Management Companies, REO Companies, Bpo Companies, Loss Mitigation Bank Departments and Mortgage Banks hiring Property Preservation Vendors.
Most comparable Real Estate Asset Management lists have only 100 – 200 contacts and are very out-dated and inaccurate. Stay ahead of your competition with over 1,200 REO Real Estate BANK Contacts! Included on the Real Estate Asset Management Directory list are all the phone numbers and websites-Instant Download Now!

Brand New Real Estate Asset Management Companies Directory List is perfect for:
1. Real Estate Agents & Brokers wanting to Get Reo Listings and Bpos from the Banks, Mortgage Lenders, Reo Asset Management Companies, and Reo/Bpo Companies

2. Property Preservation Businesses-Sign up and Register your Property Preservation Business Directly with the Top Banks & Lenders Hiring Property Preservation Businesses

3. Appraisers-Start getting more Real Estate appraisals and appraisal jobs quickly

4. Real Estate Investors-Contact Banks, Mortgage Lenders, and Real Estate Asset Management Companies that handle and own Foreclosure Reo Properties! Buy direct and Save!

And Everyone Else Looking to Profit in the Real Estate Foreclosure Industry!

Download Now!

Additional Resources for the Foreclosure Real Estate Industry:

Get Listed on Instant Home Link, This is the #1 Real Estate Reo Agent Directory and Property Preservation Directory the Banks and Reo Asset Management Companies use.

Start Networking with Other Foreclosure Real Estate Cleaning Business Owners, REO Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Investors, and more.. It’s free to join and network.
Join the Foreclosure Cleanup Network!


Field Service Assignments-How to Get REO Field Service Assignments


The Reo Field Service Business has been on fire for several years and now foreclosures are heating up again! In the last few months there has been a huge surge on foreclosures nationwide and the demand for Field service assignments or Reo Field service work keeps growing.
We have provided some great links to help you start Getting Field Service Assignments,  Work & Reo Field Service Jobs Quickly Below:

To learn how to Start a Reo Field Service Business, here is a great link:

REO Field Service Businesses come in and clean out “trashout” all the banks foreclosure properties. This link above provides a complete REO Field Service Business start up guide with step by step details to help you start, run, and operate your own REO Field Service Business. It comes with over 230 detailed pages on must-have information for the REO Field Service Business, Plus it teaches you how to accurately price your REO Field Service work, Reo bids and field inspection jobs, and all of your Reo Field service assignments.

Getting More REO Field Service Assignments, Reo Work & Field Inspection Jobs, here is a great link that comes with over 1200 direct bank reo foreclosure contacts so you can quickly register your Reo Field Service Business with the Top Banks, Reo Asset Management Companies, Mortgage Lenders, and more…

Free Information to Help you Start and Grow your Reo Field Service Business-The Foreclosure Cleanup Network is the place to go for tons of free information about the Field Service Business. And it’s completely free. Plus there are alot of Reo Real Estate agents on the site to market your Reo Field Service Business to and get more Reo Field service assignments, Reo work and Field service inspection jobs from, here is the link:

The Mortgage Field Service Business is very competitive, you must set yourself apart from your competition.  The Property Preservation Directory is one of the best ways to do this.  It is the #1 Directory of Reo Field Service Businesses available free for the Banks, Reo Asset Managers, and Real estate agents to locate your Reo Field services and utilize them, in turn earning you many more Reo Field Service Assignments.  Many Reo Field Service Businesses receive a lot of work from this site as it is one of the top places Reo asset managers look for Property Preservation vendors and to assign Reo field service work. Here is the link:




With the current foreclosure mess, banks are scrambling to try to keep all of there foreclosure properties in good, clean and marketable condition! The Foreclosure Cleaning Businesses (Cleaning Bank Reo Properties) is thriving! If you have recently Started a Foreclosure Reo Bank House Cleaning Business and are in need of Foreclosure REO Cleaning Contracts, The Best way to get Foreclosure REO Cleaning Contracts is to Register Directly with the Top Banks, Asset Management Companies that handle Foreclosure REOs, Mortgage Lenders, and Bank Reo Foreclosure Departments to receive these Foreclosure REO Cleaning contracts and services. Most Real Estate Agents (Reo Listing Agents) usually already have regular Foreclosure Cleaning Business REO vendors (Property Preservation vendors) they work with and it is sometimes hard to get them to try out your Foreclosure REO Cleaning Business services as you are considered the New kid on the block! Getting Foreclosure REO Cleaning Contracts is relatively easy, however the Banks and Reo Asset Management Companies have specific procedures for attaining these Foreclosure REO cleaning contracts.  The most important thing you will have to do is register your foreclosure cleaning business with them to be placed on their  Foreclosure Cleaning Reo Vendor list to get these Foreclosure Cleaning REO Contracts.  Once placed on the list, every home that forecloses on in your area, you will be considered for this available foreclosure cleaning work and REO bank cleaning contract!

How do you get Register your Foreclosure Cleaning Company with the Banks to Get Foreclosure Cleaning REO Contracts?
Most Banks, Reo Asset Management Companies, & Mortgage Lenders require you to register on their Bank website.  Once you fill out the Reo Registration application, you are then placed on their Foreclosure Cleaning Reo Vendor list-you will want to make sure to put all the zip codes you would like to accept work in as this is how they assign Foreclosure Cleaning REO Contracts, by the zip codes you are accepting work and the zip codes of the bank foreclosed homes.  They then find a match and choose a Foreclosure Cleaning Reo vendor from the list and assign the Foreclosure cleaning contract “REO Contract” to this Foreclosure cleaning vendor.  There are literally hundreds of Banks, Reo Asset Management Companies, and Mortgage Lenders you can register your Foreclosure REO Cleaning Company with to start getting Foreclosure Cleaning Contracts “REO Contracts”.  Here is a link to a List of over 1200 Foreclosure Cleaning Reo Bank Contacts, it includes full Bank Reo Foreclosure Contact information including Phone Numbers, Websites, and much, much more! This is a Must-Have Foreclosure Cleaning Bank Contact list for any REO Foreclosure Cleaning Business!
Download the Bank Reo Contact List now:

Register with as many Banks and Reo Asset Management Companies as you can!! Many Foreclosure Cleaning Reo Vendors start getting Foreclosure cleaning REO contracts within a couple of days!!! One Foreclosure cleaning Reo vendor just completed a job for $8,563 and the same bank just emailed him 4 more jobs and  foreclosure cleaning reo contracts they need bids on and foreclosure cleaning services for.  The Foreclosure Cleaning Business is one business you can grow very rapidly, don’t let your competition get all the foreclosure cleaning reo work- Make sure to get your Foreclosure Cleaning Business registered today to start getting your share of the foreclosure cleaning reo contracts available to you in your area!

Free Resources-Foreclosure Cleaning REO Businesses:
Join the Foreclosure Cleanup Network-#1 Social Network for Foreclosure Cleaning Businesses! It’s free to join and Foreclosure Cleanup Network, so join today! You can also promote your new Foreclosure Cleaning Business plus connect directly with Real Estate Reo Agents that list REO bank foreclosed homes to get additional Foreclosure REO Cleaning Contracts.

The Foreclosure Cleanup Directory is the #1 Directory of Foreclosure Cleaning REO Vendors and a One of the Best Sources for Getting Foreclosure Cleaning REO Contracts.
The Foreclosure Cleanup Directory is the Top Directory the Banks and REO Asset Managers go to to locate Foreclosure Cleaning Reo Vendors to assign Foreclosure Cleaning REO Contracts to! They have a Platinum membership that we recommend-you get lifetime membership on the Foreclosure Cleanup Directory and advertising for your New Foreclosure Cleaning Business! They also market your Foreclosure Cleaning REO Business to the Banks and Reo Asset Management Companies every month. Here is the website link:

How to Market your Foreclosure Cleaning REO Business for Success:
There is a great foreclosure cleaning business marketing guide that we recommend, it provides hundreds of places you can advertise and market your new foreclosure cleaning reo business all over the internet, to the banks, and to local reo real estate agents to help you get more foreclosure cleaning reo contracts.  Here is the website link:

If you are looking for information on How to Start a Foreclosure
Cleaning Business-Cleaning Foreclosures for the Banks, there is a great guide that you can download.  Here is the link:

We wish you much success on getting tons of Foreclosure Reo Cleaning contracts and growing your Foreclosure Cleaning Business quickly!